Denham-Vitalie Design LP , led by Patrick Denham and Daniel Vitalie, is one of the most respected and visionary design firms in the United States. For more than 25 years its exclusive roster of discriminating national and international clients have valued its exacting attention to detail and effortless combining of style, comfort, function, and delight. 

“Patrick Denham, draws creative inspiration from nature on a business trip to the Amalphi Coast, Italy. While relaxing on a yacht with clients, he was captivated by the beauty of three magnificent structures projecting from the sea in Capri. The Three sculpture-like wonders, called Faraglioni, peak up from the Tyrrhenian Sea, to create one of the finest recognizable, seascapes in the world.

“The seascape inspired me to incorporate earthly tones, colors, and organic shapes into my recent work. I recalled how the reflection of color bounced off the deep blue sea in a harmonious way,” says Denham.

Designed for a private residence in Fox Chapel, Patrick placed a Koket console inspired by the sea stacks in the main entry-way. The painting has a distinct resemblance to the outcrops and the deep blue sea. The rhythmic design of the gold-plated base follows every crevice, like water over rocks.”

- Anita Richards